What is the FamiSafe app?

FamiSafe application is designed especially for parents to keep track of their kids. There are several features it offers likescreen-time control, location tracking, and blocking of inappropriate websites, etc.

Why is it necessary to limit the screen-time?

Nowadays kids are fond of using their smartphones, they are excessively depending on them. They are becoming careless about their studies and other necessary future activities. The only motif becoming in life is to lay on a sofa and use a smartphone. Long hours of screen-time not only affecting the studies, but it also affects their health like they may start suffering from serious eye-strain and other health issues. But this application has resolved the worries, now parents can limit the screen-time of their kids. This application has a wonderful screen-limit option. Parents can easily set a limit on their phones, so if they want their kids to use a mobile phone for 2 hours daily, they can easily set a limit of 2 hours. As soon as the kids reach this limit, this application will automatically shut their phones. So this screen-time app is quite useful for parents FamiSafe parental control app.

Another way to limit the screen-time

Another way to limit the screen-time is to set the schedule for different days of the week like on Monday you are setting 3 hours screen time and so on. Similarly, you can set time for almost every day of the week. This application also allows you to monitor the time spend by kids on their phones in a day, this way you can easily limit their screen-time. Screen-time limits help the parents to stop caring about their health and studies.

Steps to limit the screen-time

  1. Just go to the “screen-time schedule” button.
  2. Set the specific time for each day.
  3. You can also switch on the “add places to apply the schedule button” if you want to apply your schedule on certain applications.
  4. Let’s say you have set 1 hour for YouTube, so once the kid finishes with one hour, YouTube will automatically shut down.

Other notable features

  1. Location tracking
  2. App blocker and usage
  3. Detect suspicious photos
  4. Detect suspicious texts
  5. Website filter 

Location tracking

If you are working parents or even staying at home, you should know, it is the biggest worry for you to keep a track of your kids. Most of the time, working parents do not have time to drop their kids at school or at home. This application has a spectacular track feature, you can easily track your kids by sitting at home or at the office. Now parents should not worry about their kids where they come and go. If you switch on the tracking option, it will give a complete history of your kids. Now you can feel relax by knowing that your kids are not going to unusual places. You can set the geofences safe zones, as soon as your kids enter the school or home you will get an alert notification.

App blocker and usage

You can easily block the websites that are inappropriate for your kids and also keep them away from unnecessary threads. Just go to the “app blocker and usage” feature and block the inappropriate applications for your kids. This way your kids will be more focused on necessary information. Moreover, they will remain away from unhealthy information.

Detect suspicious photos

If you want to keep an eye on your kid’s gallery, this application has the feature of detecting unnecessary photos on the mobile. As soon as the app detects the nude or other porn pictures, you will get an instant alert screen time app.

Detect suspicious texts

Just like unnecessary pictures, this application also detects the suspicious images send and receive by the kids. You will get alert if your kid uses offensive language.

Website filter

You can use the “website filter”. By putting a filter like if you are using a filter of “above 18 years”. This way your kids will not be able to see the above 18 years content.


There are three different pricing plans like monthly, annual, and quarterly plan. Monthlyplans cost you $9.99, whereas annual and quarterly plans will costs you $59.99, $19.99 respectively. You can choose the one which suits you the most. This application is easily available on the play store and app store.

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The advanced features have made the application so intriguing for the parents. If you want to protect your kids and keep an eye on them, you should buy this app immediately. As it will resolve your all worries regarding your kids. Now you can allow your kids to use smartphones freely.