Getting peaceful sleep is one of the most desired aspects of anyone’s life today. With so much mental pressure due to work and life, if there is one that is assuring, the fact that there is a place where one could get a peaceful sleep. Today, people are using everything from memory foam to whale sounds! When I moved into My Home Vihanga in Hyderabad, I took some time to get used to my new bedroom and until I researched about Feng Shui Bedroom Tips that help in achieving better sleep. In today’s blog, I will tell you all tips that will get you started!

How to Design your bedroom according to Feng Shui

Position Your Furniture

Furniture is the most dominant part of any bedroom. You will likely find several different items such as beds, storage cabinets, bedside tables, plants, electronics accessories, etc. One of the most important Feng Shui Bedroom Tips that I want to give is to arrange the furniture in such a way that it makes the bed appear as the “commander” of the room. Another thumb rule is not to have too many electronic accessories such as TV sets, home theatre system, etc. in the bedroom and you will get peaceful sleep!

Use the Right Colors

Important Feng Shui bedroom rules also include the art of choosing the right color schemes for your bedroom. Color plays a much more important part than we notice. Naturally, they can have a huge influence on how peaceful your bedroom sleep could be! Feng Shui suggests that there are certain colors such as Peach, Shades of Brown, light Cream, and Off-white shades that promote peaceful and sensual vibes. Muted shades should be #1 when you are planning to Design your bedroom according to Feng Shui.

Prioritize Smell

The smell is one of the key Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom and pretty much everyone I have interacted with has told me to use essential oils to make the bedroom smell like your dream! Lavender is an all-time favorite of people who believe in smell being a crucial factor behind peaceful sleep. Jasmine is also another popular scent that I have often used in the bedroom in Western Exotica. Certain types of smell are also said to cure health issues such as cold, cough, and leaves of eucalyptus is another option if you have these health issues.

Things to avoid when you Design your bedroom according to Feng Shui

  1. Technology – Since we use different ways of technology constantly during the day, it is strongly advised that you have as few gadgets and electronic appliances as possible for amazing sleep!
  2. Mirrors – Many of the Feng Shui Bedroom Tips suggest that having a mirror attached to the bed makes the relationship difficult and thus they should be avoided if you want sound sleep in the bedroom.
  3. Large furniture – Today many people have a very crowded bedroom with large wardrobes, oversized beds, and cabinets. According to one of the popular Feng Shui bedroom, rules suggest that the more space one has in the bedroom, the better sleep they are going to experience.

Well, I hope that my article was informative and that you have understood some of the important Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom and that you use some of them to get amazing and peaceful sleep!