WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned messaging application that has been used throughout the world by millions of users and is famous for its versatility than texting. From time-to-time WhatsApp introduces new features to the app to make users happy and satisfied. The app has come with personalization updates. If you are getting bored with the same old wallpaper for individual and group chats and you want to pick a specific wallpaper according to your choice. Now the customization tools enable you to set a custom wallpaper for your favorite contact. You can set different wallpapers to make your chats personal and distinguishable. So, you do not need to worry about sending wrong messages in the wrong chat again. In this article, we are here to share how you can set a wallpaper of your choice for an individual chat. Also, check pondband.net for more WhatsApp updated features.

Update your WhatsApp Version

The most important thing is to keep your app update to ensure that you are running a stable and secure version. Besides this, to enjoy new features, it is essential to update your WhatsApp. You can update from the Apple App store in IOS and from the Play store if you are an android user. Your cell phone may have an option for automatic updates. That’s why you can set updates manually or automatically, depending on your mobile phone’s setting.

Step 1: After updating the latest version, open your WhatsApp app and then the desired contact chat for which you want to set a specific wallpaper.

Step 2:  Then click on the contact account’s detail (‘…’ menu) and go for the wallpaper option.

Step 3:  There are Three categories of custom wallpaper Bright, Dark and Solid Colors. To change the wallpaper for that individual chat, you can choose any wallpaper from the given categories suits you better.

Step 4: WhatsApp also allows you to set a photo as background wallpaper from your gallery. For this, you can see an option of My Photos on the same screen. Click on the pic, and set it on your contact chat background. The fun fact is you can choose that someone special’s photo for his or her chat wallpaper.

Step 5:  After selecting a wallpaper, click on ‘Set Wallpaper.’

Step 6:  You can also adjust how bright or low the wallpaper you want to be in dark mode wallpapers. For dark mode, go to WhatsApp Settings then, Chats, and then Themes. Choose the Dark theme and click OK to experience dark mode wallpapers.

Step 7:  If you want to remove custom wallpaper, there is also an option. Click on the ‘Remove custom wallpaper.’  There is another way to remove the Custom wallpaper, click on the ‘Default Wallpaper’ and set it as your WhatsApp wallpaper for that chat.

For an IOS user, select the chat then, go to the Chat or group info, and tap Wallpaper & Sound. Then follow the above-discussed steps to choose and set wallpaper.