From their beginning, most businesses have manually filed, organized, and stored paper documents. This system appeals to smaller companies in particular because it is often perceived to be the cheapest way to do things. But it can actually do more harm to your finances and overall efficiency and productivity.

If you’re serious about growing, it’s time to invest in the right document management software. This solution will help in automating your processes, organizing your records and documents while giving you more control over who can access, retrieve, view, or edit certain files within your organization. It will help you save money and time by improving productivity and efficiency along with enhancing customer service, which can all lead to growth and success.  It is no secret that paper processes are more cumbersome, expensive and time-consuming which becomes very difficult to handle growth instead of having the technology to embrace it. 

But with many document management solutions available today, how do you know which product is best for you? Here are some tips you can consider to get started:

  1. Understand the different types.

This type of software can either be cloud-based or on-premise.

  • On-premise – The document management software will be installed on your computers and will require having your own storage and servers. All maintenance and administration is also up to you, which requires your own IT.  Once the only option, not the preferred implementation now.
  • Cloud-based – All software and information are hosted by the service provider in a data center with all the necessary security credentials required, scalable, no infrastructure costs, maintenance or IT needed.  The software can be accessible from a computer, tablet or phone anywhere, anytime securely.  The pricing can vary quite a bit, however once implemented, the costs are usually aligned with the amount of data storage used monthly or annually with all upgrades and maintenance included.  This is now the preferred option to most companies.
  1. Look for these key features.

The best document management solutions come with these important features:

  • Storage – The software must be able to store your documents easily, safely, and securely.
  • Access control – It should let you create tiered permissions to control access, views, or edits to certain documents. You should be able to monitor who accesses those documents, too.
  • Keyword search – Document management should make it easier to find and retrieve files using tags and metadata. Simply type in a keyword pertaining to a file and it should easily come up.
  • Mobile access – Some solutions enable remote access to the cloud-based storage, so you can view and edit documents on the fly.
  1. Be sure to consider these factors:
  • Ease of use – You and your employees should find it intuitive and simple to use. Otherwise, it may lead to confusion and interruptions, and your employees might be discouraged from using it.
  • Simplified file structure – It should make sense to you and your employees.
  • Integration – Good document management solutions can be integrated with other software you are using in your business, such as CRM and your email client. Be sure to check for APIs.
  • Security – The platform should make it easy to set access permissions and restrictions.
  • Scanning – Make sure it is compatible with any modern scanner.
  • Workflow- Enable your staff to electronically approve invoices, expenses, claims etc.
  • Eforms- Ability to create a template that become an electronic form for customers, employees, students etc. to fill out 

Get the right document management solution for your small business

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