A hospital bed is a specialized bed used for a terminally ill patient or who has just had surgery in the hospital and needs postoperative care at home to recover. These beds have features such as: Raise your back, raise your leg, Tilt function, that help the patient to move, which he cannot do himself. Hospital bed rental services will help you reduce medical expenses. The price of hospital beds for rent is very low compared to any other service provider. Hospital Beds for Rent offers all types of hospital beds for rent.

All medical beds are new and in good condition. The rental bed service provider cleans them to medical standards with disinfectants after each use. Renting a medical bed will help our patients save money by investing to buy. Easy to rent from a service provider, their team provides medical beds and installs them where needed.

Types of Hospital Bed

All kinds of hospital beds viz. A raised bed at the head with or without side rails, fowler bed with side rails, 5-function electric bed, remote control bed, 5-function manual medical bed, ABS-powered electronic patient bed, etc. The beds come with the facility of a recliner. These rental beds are adjustable according to the comfort of the patient.

Characteristics of a Medical Bed

The frame of all beds is made of Iron, and the top is from M.S. Perforated. A blade that makes them durable.

Each bed has a place for an IV Rod. The hospital bed is designed in such a way that it cares about the comfort of the patient. Total Approximate Bed Size: 6ft x 3ft x 2ft. All beds are epoxy powder coated and are properly cleaned and disinfected to maintain hygiene. The patient bed comes with a foam mattress for added comfort.

How to Choose Best Bed for Home Care Patients?

Once you contact Hospital Bed for rent service, they will explain each of the beds’ characteristics and characteristics. Each added feature results in an increase in the price of the bed.

Pricing for a patient hospital bed starts at $ 15,000 for a manual hospital bed up to $ 75,000 for a fully functional electric intensive care bed.

What is the Procedure to get Hospital Bed for Home Care Patient?

After selecting the bed model, Rental Service arranges delivery and installation to your home. If you only need the hospital bed for rent a short time, you can also opt for a rental hospital bed. They offer monthly rentals for most of our hospital beds. The rental patient bed is in new condition, and we have maintained good hygiene. All delivery and installation will be at your home to demonstrate how to use all the functions that the hospital bed supports.

Hospital Bed for Rent

They provide hospital beds for rent to people who need them for a short period. We have made renting a hospital bed very convenient and affordable. A hospital bed rental starts at 3000h for a basic manual hospital bed and goes up to 10,000h for a more advanced fully electric intensive care bed. The delivery, installation, and maintenance of the hospital bed is the responsibility of their staff.

Why Taking Hospital Bed on Rent is a Good Idea?

Renting a hospital bed: When renting a hospital bed, the patient can try it out before buying it. Testing a rental medical bed under the specific conditions, it will be used for when owned will help you assess its purchase value.

Rented patient bed for short term recovery: Renting a patient bed makes sense if you need it for a few weeks for postoperative recovery or for a terminally ill patient who won’t be using it for a long time.

Medical bed service and maintenance: If you are concerned about the service and maintenance of the hospital bed and think that if the purchase will not guarantee the proper functioning of the hospital bed. Then renting it from us would be a great idea because the hospital bed’s total care is done. For us as long as it stays with you.

Affordability: Often, we may need an electric hospital bed at home, but buying one can be expensive. Our monthly rentals are very affordable, and if you feel like you can’t spend that much at once, renting a hospital bed should be your choice.

Procedure to Get Hospital Bed on Rent

Rent the hospital bed: Consult our experts to help you choose the right hospital bed based on your needs and budget. Choose the right rental plan. They ensure deliveries in 2-3 hours.

Receive the Bed: The hospital bed is delivered to your home by an expert who explains the machine’s functions. He checks the condition of the hospital bed and lets the patient who will use it test it.

Return hospital bed: You can renew the rental plan next month, or if you no longer need the hospital bed, you need to do so.