The Covid-19 dilemma has shaken the foundation of the real estate industry. From the construction to the resale segment, every aspect is affected. The real estate market got slowed down. The spread of Covid-19 has resulted in sellers feeling desperate for desirable prices. It is here that Gary Saitowitz provides them with tips and hacks, which they can use during Covid. You may use it to increase the likelihood of property sales.

Realtors must be innovative in their approach and negotiate effectively for drawing better offers. By modifying the interiors and engaging the broker, homeowners will sell their properties at a higher price. There are crucial aspects that you have to look into before indulging in the sale of the property.

Modification of strategies in selling property, as stated by Gary Saitowitz

A well-maintained house gets more buyers in comparison to a broken-down property. When the seller decides to advertise their stuff, they must consider repairing the same. It may include providing it with a new coat of paint or doing modifications in the interiors etc. It will add a touch of freshness and thereby improve the overall appeal of the property.

Property surveys reveal that potential buyers are interested in well-kept and attractive apartments. In case the property was on rent, the tenant’s low maintenance becomes one of the reasons for low offers. Thus, you have to indulge in repairing. Getting the assistance of professional cleaners is crucial in this regard. An integral element of selling the property at a higher rate is to prepare the same.

From the furnishing to the locks to the carpet area, everything must be in proper order. Cleaning services play a very crucial role in the up keeping of the house. Cleaning off the cobwebs along with debris from the fixture is vital.

Advertise the property to attract more customers

When you want to sell your house, the word must spread in the market during the pandemic. The seller must get proper information regarding the available properties. Sometimes family members and friends are an easy source to spread the news. The more the number of people knowing the property sale, the more is the chance of getting buyers. It will provide you with more options for potential buyers.

In addition to this, green homes are becoming popular in recent times. It is because people are becoming cautious about energy conservation. Hence, properties that make use of LED lights and smart meters are in high demand.

Be transparent in your approach

Last but not least, when you put up your property for sale, paperwork is crucial. Documents which depict vital information regarding the property are essential. You have to keep specific papers ready, which includes the following

• Clear title deed

• Property tax receipts

• Society no objection certificate

• Chain of ownership documents

• Encumbrance certificate

• A general power of attorney certificate in case it is applicable

When you take care of these areas, the likelihood of easy property sales increases; in addition to this, you will get a high price for your transaction. Try to focus on quality listing will help in property sale effectively. Use digital media during the pandemic for advertising as it became an essential tool.