It’s no more a wonder that by selling cryptocurrencies, so many individuals have become wealthy. Now, as we have auto trade robots to contribute, everybody can reach the wealthy elite level. 

There is a list of crypto auto trading platforms, but on the repeated requests, today we will review Crypto Genius for our readers. My team and I decided to test its features, and we concluded that the auto trade works well with Crypto Genius. 

When testing the platform, one impressive thing that we found out about using it is how the targeted deals were used to hit the mark, and this is why many people are using these devices to make more money. 

So, here is our honest review.

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What Crypto Genius Is and Who Developed It?

It is an auto trading technology that allows traders to profit from the cryptocurrency industry without any prior trading expertise.

John Mayers and his crew of computer programmers, who have built a simplistic auto trading system that helped so many people become wealthy, made the trading platform.

We noted that with Crypto Genius, investors are already earning as much as $5,000 every day, and the favorite aspect of this revelation is that all it needs is a few tips to start using the live trading tool.

We are thankful that Crypto Genius’ programmers have kept the trading platform efficient and transparent. The open framework made all the essential features of Crypto Genius convenient for my team to evaluate and review.

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How the Platform Works?

Crypto Genius is an automatic crypto trading platform, which means that it can automatically conduct trades to generate a profit. To have the truth and honestly tell our audiences about this auto dealer, we tried to trade on the platform. 

The claim that Crypto Genius is a straightforward crypto-currency trading platform can be traced down to our seamless experience with the system. Users can easily evaluate trading mechanisms.

Whenever the live trading mode is enabled, the robot searches the crypto market to pick the ideal offers. The purchases are immediately made on behalf of the owners of the account. The system is quick. The strategy is typically described by purchasing cryptocurrencies at a lower price to sell when the price rises.

Is Crypto Genius Legit?

We verify that Crypto Genius is genuine and an authorized name for crypto trading. To begin using Crypto Genius, making your first wallet investment only needs a deposit as low as $250. The mechanism is efficient and comfortable so that anyone can use it.

Crypto Genius has a success score of 98 percent, which is remarkable. And this fact is what our analysis suggests. The platform is stable, and all information on the forum is encoded.

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How to Create Your Account?

A Crypto Genius account is required for all investors who would like to profit using the platform. To continue with the analysis, we created a completely free account.

  • Registration

The registration process starts by downloading the program, filling out the crucial details, submitting the form, and then waiting for approval. This method, which we found excellent, took only a few minutes, unlike other auto trading platforms that take longer to open a new account, which is frustrating.

  •  Fund Transfer

When transferring initial funds to start the trade on our Crypto Genius account, we had another successful experience.

Crypto Genius trading robots are not able to run without funds. This is why to complete the testing process, and we agreed to pass the minimum $250 deposit. It was done with a transfer from PayPal, and the bots finished the function in seconds.

  •  Initiate Trades

Once you have created your account and transferred funds, the next step is to start trading. There are two modes for that task.

  1. Demo trading
  2. Live trading

Demo Trading

Without using actual cash, the demo trading service allows participants to test the auto trading method. We believe it is vital to have a demo trading feature for all auto trading platforms, and this one performs excellently.

The demo trading purpose is insightful for anyone curious to learn how automated trading processes work. It also provides tutorials and understandable articles on cryptocurrency auto trading devices.

Live Trading

We actively interacted with the robots on Crypto Genius. It was a great experience; we were excited to see how the trading bots chose the right deals instantly and earned a return with our money. We found that many individuals with Crypto Genius are making a profit because the exchanging bots function very efficiently and precisely.

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4 Advantages of Crypto Genius 

Trading with this crypto robot has several rewards. During the analysis, we discovered these obvious benefits;

  • Stable Platform

Security for online payments is very critical. We are confident that all the people who deal with Crypto Genius have no reservations about compromising their personal information. Our team installed the application and found out that the crypto trading platform had malware and antivirus software for safer trades.

  • Strong Win Record

The win rate is much higher than the other bots. The transactions concluded by the trading robot revealed the fact. We noted that the process is accurate because of the advanced algorithm, resulting in a high win rate.

  • Customer Support Online

There is an online customer service that can be used when necessary to get useful information and support.

  • No Mandatory Qualifications

We had no experience in crypto trading, and we were pleased that without going through long learning phases, every consumer who interacts with Crypto Genius can receive a regular income.

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Our conclusion about the report regarding Crypto Genius is positive. The platform is easy to use and reliable for fund management. It is encrypted and comes with a safe antivirus to avoid any mishaps. 

We tested all the features and found them efficient. We hope you trust our words and join the network to earn passive income.