There are so many things that we give each year to our loved ones, but we never think that maybe that thing is not the right gift for them or not even right for Christmas.

I will explain also why I think you shouldn’t buy these things as gifts. Also, you will probably be shocked that you have already bought some of the gifts that will be in this list.

But that’s ok, you can still manage to buy something else and keep the old gift for yourself.

Perfume From Pharmacy

Yes there it is.

Maybe someone can’t afford a good perfume but then just don’t buy it.

Those cheap ones from pharmacies don’t even last on you. The moment you put them on, they are already gone.


This gift is called the lazy gift.

If you didn’t have anything in mind and you just bought some candles for your dad then that just really doesn’t make any sense. Unless the person asked for candles.

Expensive Artwork

Don’t even buy an expensive wall art for someone. It will cost you a crazy amount of money and maybe in the end the person will not like it, even though they are art enthusiasts. They still have their own taste and this can be such a bad gift.

Better you can buy some custom maps for your loved ones with a special place for them printed on + the map will be a cool room decor for their place.

But some expensive artwork can be something that ruins the look of the room if it’s too big or colors are not the right ones.


It can be a good gift for someone and it will show to that person that you thought of them while you were away on your trip, but it’s a terrible gift for Christmas.

Better gift those souvenirs the moment you arrive home and give them out to your friends and family.


This is a topic that the whole world has talked about. Please people, DONT gift puppies and kittens for your children on Christmas.

Having a pet at home is almost the same as having a kid. It becomes a part of your family and it takes a lot of time and attention. I know that some parents think that it’s a great gift for your child, but when the puppy will grow up, your child won’t be interested in him anymore because he isn’t small anymore.

And then you will decide that you need to leave him in the forest… PLEASE DON’T DO THAT!

You are the animal’s whole life to them. They love you no matter what.


This might seem a great gift for your loved one and it is, but not for Christmass. And here is why. We usually celebrate these days with your family. Parents, little brothers, sisters. And it can be a bit awkward if you give her some special lingerie and she opens it in front of hers or your parents.

Better keep this gift for Valentines day. For that day it’s a great gift.