The pandemic outbreak has affected every person globally and has adversely impacted the economy and created professional instabilities in the job arena. People are either witnessing pay cuts or are losing their job. Many contractual workers are waiting for their contracts to get renewed. The scenario has also affected the youth in many ways. Most children in school and colleges have to attend online classes and prepare for their exams accordingly. They can’t socialize because of the social distancing norms. It is creating a sense of boredom and isolation amongst the youth.

Wellness guidelines by Brian C Jensen

Constant staying at home is making the youth gather excess stress! Hence, it is necessary for the child to opt-in for the wellness guidelines shared by Brian C Jensen.

  1. Create a routine

The youth gets used to a routine. However, when people stay at home for a prolonged time, they tend to lose their sense of time. All activities take a backseat barring a few ones. Hence, it is necessary for the youth to time their actions and maintain a routine. It will help them complete their studies and classes on time and have time to speak to friends and indulge in leisure activities.

  1. Exercise daily

Getting engaged in physical exercise daily is an excellent way to stay fit! Most teens and youth used to visit the gym for their daily workout. Today, going to the gym has become challenging because of the pandemic outbreak and the social distancing rules. However, despite that, it is necessary to exercise at home. One of the best ways to exercise is to practiceaerobics, yoga, or Pilates. It is also useful if the youth decides to engage in brisk walking for thirty to forty-five minutes a day. It will help them to release stress and toxins and stay fit. During the lockdown, people have witnessed weight fluctuations, including the youth. Exercising at home is an excellent way to lose extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Speak to friends online

It will become challenging for the youth to survive if they don’t socialize with their friends. Venturing out might expose them to the risk of getting affected by the virus. Hence, it is useful to opt-in for video calls and speaks with their loved ones and friends. It will help them to stay connected and add a feel-good factor to their life. It will also help to reduce pandemic stress and anxiety to a great extent.

  1. Eat and sleep well

Research shows that staying at home has affected people’s appetite and sleeping cycle as well. It also includes youth. Hence, they must manage their food intake and rest. It is crucial to eat a nutrient-rich diet that will help to boost immune health. Additionally, it is essential to sleep for seven to eight hours in the night to stay fit and energized.

The youth must manage their personal and academic life effectively during the pandemic phase. The guidelines mentioned above will help people to maintain a balanced lifestyle.