Among many things executors need to know is the Cyprus price. Remember, every real estate transaction is unique for all the property available there. Why people prefer to buy a home in Cyprus? Because of the following: sun, sea, sand and rise of the property price. Also, without forgetting the rental value, here is tempting overseas buyers in search of permanent property.

The Cyprus market price will keep you updated on the various factors that could affect your purchasing.

According to Richard’s research, the cost involved in buying a property in Cyprus may include taxes and purchase cost. A recent report shows the trending growing demand and maintained the price rising.

The property buyer overseas it could not be you to spend your day there relaxing. Your dreams could come true in Cyprus.

Property price in Cyprus

Cyprus is a best place for tourism. Also is is one of the best areas everyone would love to go rent and study there. The primary thing is the resort of fuel of the critical real estate market.

The property index reveals each residential property in Cyprus. The housing of the island apartment price increases due to various factors. For example, a port town records the most significant increase in house price.

Here is a prominent place annual increase record in the following area:


It is a busy and pulsating resort with mature infrastructures. The price range here is €100,000 comparing to townhome cost rise to €170,000 and villas €270,000.


When you talk about Paphos, you need to remember the oldest picturesque city in Cyprus. It is known as the picturesque city in Cyprus and the most prestigious residential area.

The apartment range price here starts from €80,000. But are located in townhouse and villas is expensive, ranging from €150,000 and €300,000 respectively.


When you are looking for a better place in Cyprus, do not forget to include polis, it has an investment destination you may likely get. With a budding resort and stunning sight, the place is perfect. However, construction is restricted and demands a supply of outpacing. The price here ranges from €300,000–500,000.


Another important is tourist and business estate in Larnaca. It is located  southern coast of Cyprus. Here, the apartment’s price is €70,000, but for the Villa, it could sell more than €170,000.

In Cyprus property, you can get cheaper housing to fit your budget. Many buyers are looking to buy property here at an affordable price.

The apartment price range in Cyprus;




Ayia Napa1,500-4,000



4,000-12,000 (newly built)

Rental rules

For any property build, the owner always has the laws and policy of the house. It can be classed as tourist accommodation by the plan of the housing authority. When renting a house, consider taking the license from the Cyprus Tourism Organization’s government to avoid being robbed. CTO rules for rental houses is strict, but the government promise to change them for ordinary people. There are different of taxation when you compare Cyprus and other nations like the United States.

Why should you buy property in Cyprus?

Do you doubt whether Cyprus is a better place for ex-pat?  You need to considered the climate here, as mentioned at the beginning  of the article. There many things like beaches, historical and good quality of life is here.

Cyprus majority of people speak English.

The language of the area you want to stay in matters a lot. Cyprus has British people, so everyone you meet speaks fluent English and makes communication easy here.

But you can still interact with other people here, learning different languages.  Learn a new language when you visit Cyprus in future or those staying there already.

Plenty of space for a small island

Do you know that Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and is known for its size? It includes five main cities such as Paphos, Nicosia, Limassol, Famagusta and Larnaca. According to estimates, it has 3500 square miles in sizes.

The place is large, and you can drive from one side of the island to the other in less than an hour. In this place, you can find peace of mind because of the calm environment.

Skiing opportunity

If you know about surf, then Cyprus is the best place to go. It has sandy beaches for one moment and snow mountains.  There are various area you can go to skip.

Rental potential

Cyprus property price may vary according to various factors, especially for peaks summer months. It seems not suitable for restaurants, ice-cream sellers, and hoteliers because of the weather during that period. If you think either property will pay for itself in the rental market, you can stream for tourism.

Relaxed peace of mind

People go to Cyprus and rent a property there because they need to relax if you fed up with many things, you may need to get ready and immerse yourself in blissfully and relax.

Factor to consider when purchasing a property in Cyprus

So you are thinking to buy a property in Cyprus, but you do not know the steps things needed. We are here to help you. Here are a few things to know:

How much  can you afford

The first thing is the Cyprus property price to get an idea of your budget. Once you know how much you can afford, it becomes easy to work.  You are allowed to search the house in Cyprus without pricing yourself to the expensive one.

However, before thinking of your finance, consider facts you can get it advertised in the newspaper. You will need to know the exchange rate and percentage point. For looking for the property market and you will need to follow all guidelines given. You can easily knock something of the local property.

How will you use it?

Using the house helps you know which one price is less as you compare to the other one. Maybe you want a property for a holiday gets to know before making your payments.

Final thoughts

Those are all you needed to know about Cyprus property price.  You may consider visiting there one of this day, but after reading this article, you have all needed. Do you have any question about Cyprus?